Canyon Vista journalism staff creates monthly news broadcast

canyon-vista-fi-broadcast-2015The staff of Canyon Echoes, Canyon Vista Middle School’s online newspaper, have created a new way to bring important information to their fellow students with monthly news broadcasts.

The new broadcast, “Canyon Vista News,” is entirely student produced each month and includes stories students find important. Each month, the students gather national, local and school-wide news to include in the program, which is shown to the student body in advisory period.

“It’s our motto to say that we are the voice for our student body,” said Katie Chung, Canyon Echoes editor. “It feels more comfortable when students your age are telling you news instead of having teachers tell you.”

This is the first year the Canyon Echoes staff have produced a broadcast. Technology teacher Kara Wilkinson said a news broadcast was filmed at Canyon Vista several years ago. Staff encouraged her to start a new program after the classes produced successful videos last year.

“The broadcast incorporates technology, storytelling, writing and school pride,” Wilkinson said. “The news media students are really involved, know what’s going on and really try to highlight the best of Canyon Vista.”

Students rotate through roles each week so everyone can try being on camera, having a leadership role as a producer or helping to create the final product through graphic design and editing.

The class also has professional guidance from retired CBS Evening News executive producer Michael Whitney. The staff formerly produced weekly broadcasts during the fall semester, but have since decided to focus on monthly programs and in-depth videos.

“He gave us some really great tips for how to not only do a great student broadcast, but also a professional broadcast,” Wilkinson said. “We’re looking at his critiques and instead of doing a broadcast each week, we’re trying to do one quality broadcast each month.”

To watch the “Canyon Vista News” broadcast or see Canyon Echoes photos, graphics and news stories, visit