Cedar Ridge students present 'Library of the Future' to Dell, RRISD executives

After months of research, planning and design, Cedar Ridge High School students presented their vision for a “Library of the Future” to Dell Inc. and Round Rock ISD executives.

The presentation, held May 26 at the Dell Executive Briefing Center, included information on the architecture, engineering, interior design, web design and business plan for a city public library and a school library.

“This project allowed us to really think about what we wanted to do when we get out of high school,” said Jake Erney, web design team member. “I wanted to be a diplomat, but now I want to go into computer science. The project really opened my eyes to the world.”

The “Library of the Future” project was a partnership between Cedar Ridge High School student volunteers and Dell Inc. to provide a perspective for what students want in their learning spaces. The project kicked off in January and has since consisted of 22 students and six staff members who have toured innovative work spaces in Central Texas and gained real world knowledge to complete the project.

The final product included the following attributes:

  • An interactive and scalable website created through Adobe Dreamweaver. The web design team also integrated search engine optimization into the website.
  • The school library consisted of a circular circulation desk, a learning lab with mobile devices, interactive digital walls, natural light and a maker space to encourage creativity. The students focused on a minimal amount of tangible books and instead focused on e-readers.
  • The public library design included a cafe, large windows for natural light, private rooms for group or individual study and a mix of tangible books and e-readers.
  • The engineering team also created new technologies for use in libraries. An e-reader with LED Flex paper would display books so readers could still get the feeling of turning a page. The books would be hosted on small storage cards, “B Chips,” which are placed in the e-reader device.
  • Business students also researched and presented prospective budgets and marketing strategies for the libraries.

Snow White, Dell Inc. business development senior consultant, has worked with the students throughout the project and said she is absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

“The students were so articulate and their message showed incredible professionalism,” White said. “I think the audience walked away with so many ideas they can implement right now, but also think about for the future. What I enjoyed most about hearing their presentation was all the skills they used that I know will be needed to be career and college ready.”

Cedar Ridge Academy Specialist Rachel Sotelo oversaw a similar project with Dell Inc. at Stony Point in 2009 and this is the first year to complete the project at Cedar Ridge. Engineering team member Ben Strozewski said he hopes to see the project continue for future students.

“I’m a senior this year and I always looked for something in high school to branch out academically,” Strozewski said. “This project offered the freedom to go down avenues that maybe we wouldn’t. It’s something I really wish I had done as a freshman and something I hope to see continue at Cedar Ridge.”

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