RRISD music teachers showcase technology tools at state conference

tech_showcase-01A group of Round Rock ISD music teachers showcased technology tools used in fine arts classrooms during a panel presentation at the Texas Center for Education and Development of Fine Arts (CEDFA) summit.

The Technology in Music Instruction presentation was led by Cedar Ridge High School Piano Teacher Cayla Cardiff, Stony Point High School Choral Director Andre Clark, Live Oak Elementary School Music Specialist Becky Knox and Cactus Ranch Elementary School Music Specialist Rachel Walker. The panel highlighted how technology integrates into music classrooms, both as an assessment tool to collect data and how technology supports the music curriculum.

“Our music teachers are committed to providing engaging lessons, incorporating technology and building well-rounded students,” Fine Arts Director Lisa Roebuck said. “I am incredibly proud to have our teachers share their knowledge at CEDFA so other teachers can help students across Texas.”

Walker, who hosts one of the fine arts Next Generation Digital Classrooms in RRISD, uses iPads outfitted with GarageBand to allow students to mix sounds and flex their creativity by mixing technology with physical instruments. Presenting at CEDFA is a valuable experience to fine-tune Walker’s craft as a teacher while showcasing the great things happening in RRISD, Walker said.

“As we seek to service our students, we are continually looking for the best way to meet students’ needs,” Walker said. “We aim to reach every learner, equipping them with skills needed to be successful. With technology, we’ve blended technology skills that reinforce musical concepts that assist students to be successful now and in the future.”