Community Partnership gives Success students glimpse of future careers

Success High School students interested in joining the workforce as automotive repair technicians were invited by Christian Brothers Automotive Repair in Round Rock for an on-site tour to learn about the automotive repair business.

While on-site, students observed customer service and consultation, parts inventory and business management and appropriate tool and equipment care in addition to getting a glimpse of master technicians engaging in on-the-job problem solving.

“Opportunities like this are very important for students,” Success Counselor Alberto Perez said. “Students get to see first-hand tangible work experience, what their workplace would look like and what it’s going to feel like.”

Perez said the soft skills students need to succeed in the workplace aren’t available through school curriculum and that partnerships like the one with Christian Brothers Automotive Repair gives students authentic exposure to future careers serving other community members.

“The trend has been that our workforce has become older, with not as many students entering the automotive repair and maintenance business,” said Ed Carey, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Repair. “We’d like for students to consider us as a future employer.”

A clear take away for students from the tour is that the automotive industry continues to be more high tech. As cars become more highly engineered, the repair field is delivering fulfilling and wage competitive career opportunities, poised for growth.

“As vehicles change, skills need to change, “Carey said. “It’s a lifelong pursuit of learning to take on a job in the automotive repair industry.”

A school’s relationship with a community partner enhances student learning by producing a personalized educational experience. Aligning and fostering relationships with community businesses affirm Goals 1, 4 and 7 of the District’s Strategic Plan.

“Since I was little I’ve always enjoyed working under the hood. I like talking to people but working on cars is a stress release,” said Success senior Zeek Orozco. “Having this opportunity helps me understand what’s expected to work at an auto repair shop and I’m willing to work my way up, and I look forward to starting my career as a technician.”