RRISD students succeed at 2017 Texas Scholastic Chess Championships

Students from eight Round Rock ISD campuses earned top honors at the 2017 North/Central Texas Scholastic Chess Championships, held in Arlington in early March.

Individual trophy winners represented Spicewood, Laurel Mountain, England and Sommer elementary schools, Canyon Vista and Walsh middle schools and Westwood and Round Rock high schools. Team trophy winners represented Sommer, Laurel Mountain, Walsh, Canyon Vista, Round Rock and Westwood. Chess matches were held for both individual and team trophies. The top 15 individuals and top 10 teams in each section received trophies.

“We are proud of the outstanding students from eight Round Rock ISD campuses who represented our District at the state level,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Steve Flores said. “Chess involves a great deal of dedication and critical thinking.I am inspired to see so many students succeeding both as individuals and while collaborating as a team.”

Individual trophy winners are listed below:

  • Jacob Li, Spicewood Elementary School, first place, K-1 Championship
  • Rohit Gundham, Laurel Mountain Elementary School, first place, Elementary Championship,
    William Hwang, England Elementary School, second place, Elementary Championship,
  • Mohit Mukkollu, Sommer Elementary School, fourth place, Elementary JV,
  • Sravya Akella, Laurel Mountain Elementary School, ninth place, Elementary JV,
  • Gautham Sanil, Sommer Elementary School, 10th place, Elementary JV
  • Sharvi Nakkala, Sommer Elementary School, 11th place, Elementary JV,
  • Akhil Kakarla, Sommer Elementary School, 12th place, Elementary JV
  • Ambica Yellamraju, Canyon Vista Middle School, 10th place, Middle School Championship,
  • Dang Minh Nguyen, Walsh Middle School, 11th place, Middle School Championship
  • Anh Nguyen, Walsh Middle School, 13th place, Middle School Championship,
  • Emily Quyn Nguyen, Westwood High School, fifth place, High School Championship,
  • Khoa Minh Nguyen, Round Rock High School, seventh place, High School Championship and
  • Duy Minh Nguyen, Round Rock High School, 12th place, High School Championship.

Team trophy winners are listed below:

  • Sommer Elementary School (Mohit Mukkollu, Gautham Sanil, Sharvi Nakkala and Akhil Kakarla), first place, Elementary JV Championship,
  • Laurel Mountain Elementary School (Rohit Gunham and Christopher Aung), third place, Elementary Championship,
  • Walsh Middle School (Dang Minh Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Pranav Venkatesh, Austin John and Soumil Kushwaha), second place, Middle School Championship,
  • Canyon Vista Middle School (Ambica Yellamraju, Aparna Yellamraju, Nitin Akella and Patrick Macartney-Filgate), third place, Middle School Championship,
  • Round Rock High School (Khoa Minh Nguyen and Duy Minh Nguyen), fourth place, High School Championship and 10th place, Grand Champion High School and
  • Westwood High School (Emily Quyn Nguyen and Dhanvi Marrapu), sixth place, High School Championship.