Partner Spotlight: Westwood students receive resume coaching

Writing a resume can be a daunting task at any age or professional level. When it’s your first-ever resume and your experience level is limited, it can be downright paralyzing.

But students at Westwood High School received an advantage in putting together their first professional calling card this week with a resume writing workshop where 13 community partners helped draft and critique student resumes.

Glenda Hovenkamp, the lead teacher for Westwood’s Academy of Business Industry, organized the event to provide students with the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from industry professionals on the resumes they will use for work or college. Approximately 60 students attended the event and each had the opportunity to meet with two to three community partners for advice and feedback on both their resume and interviewing skills.

“Having the chance to speak with a business professional was eye-opening,” Tanya Chen, a junior at Westwood, said. “I feel like this will help me with real-life interviews and I can now better explain what helps me stand out and shine.”

The workshop not only benefits students but partners as well. Business leaders were able to gain insight and give input to potential future employees.

“As a hiring manager, I see lots of basic mistakes in resumes,” Joel Coffman, communications director at TyRex Group, said. “The benefit for me participating in this workshop, beyond just giving back, is that it makes my job easier down the road when these students enter the workforce.”

Westwood Academy Specialist, Lucy Sanchez, said teachers plan to make the resume workshop an annual event.

Business partners who participated include:
A+ Federal Credit Union
Absolute Software
Community Impact
Crescent House
National Instruments
Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union
RRISD Partners in Education Foundation
State Farm
TyRex Group

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