Education Acronym Glossary

The Education field has many programs, positions, exams and other aspects which are frequently referred to by their acronym. The glossary below is designed to be a tool for parents, community members and those who work in education to familiarize them with the many acronyms used on a daily basis.

Round Rock ISD Education Acronym Glossary

ADA Average Daily Attendance or Americans with Disabilities Act
AEIS Academic Excellence Indicator System (TEA report)
ALT Academic Leadership Team
AMI Accelerated Math Instruction (related to SSI)
AP Advanced Placement (secondary) or Assistant Principal
ARD Admission, Review and Dismissal (special ed.)
ARI Accelerated Reading Instruction (related to SSI)
ARRC Aligned Round Rock Curriculum
AYP Adequate Yearly Progress (required by NCLB)
BIP Behavior Intervention Plan
BOT Board of Trustees
BRC Building Referral Committee
CBE Credit by Exam
CIP Campus Improvement Plan
CPS Child Protective Services
CTE Career and Technology Education
DAC District Advisory Committee
DAEP District Alternative Education Program
DL Dual Language
DLC District Level Committee
DPS Texas Department of Public Safety
DRA District Reading Assessment
EOC End of Course
ELL English Language Learners
ESL English as a Second Language
ESS Employee Self Service
ESOL English for Speakers of other Languages
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FTE Full time Employee
GED General Education Development test
GPA Grade Point Average
GPC Grade Placement Committee
IB International Baccalaureate
IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (special education)
IEP Individual Education Plan (special education)
ISS In-School Suspension
ITS Instructional Technology Specialists
LEP Limited English Proficiency
LPAC Language Proficiency Assessment Committee
LRP Long Range Planning
NCLB No Child Left Behind
Non-LEP Not Limited English Proficiency
OLSAT Otis Lennon School Ability Test
PA Program Assistant
PAC Performing Arts Center (located adjacent to McNeil HS)
PAMS Payment Account Management System
PBL Problem Based Learning
PGP Personal Graduation Plan (currently only secondary)
PEIMS Public Education Information Management System
PIE Partners in Education
PRO Center Parent Resource & Opportunity Center (campus parent rooms)
PTA Parent / Teacher Association
RPTE Reading Proficiency Test in English
RRISE Round Rock Incentives for Superior Education
RROC Round Rock Opportunity Center (DAEP for secondary)
RtI Response to Intervention
SAIL Student Assistance in Learning
SBAC Site-Based Advisory Committee
SBEC State Board for Educator Certification
S/C Self Contained (Special Education)
SDAA II State Developed Alternative Assessment II
SpEd Special Education
SRO School Resource Officer (secondary schools)
SSI Student Success Initiative
STAR Center Student Testing and Receiving Center
STAAR State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
STM Structured Teaching Model
SUCCESS Individualized program for dropout or high risk students (age 17-21)
TAG Talented and Gifted
TAKS Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
TASA Texas Association of School Administrators
TBEC Texas Business & Education Coalition
TEA Texas Education Agency
TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (state education standards)
TELPAS Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System
TOP Texas Observation Protocol (for LEP students)
TPRI Texas Primary Reading Inventory
TRS Teacher Retirement System of Texas
UIL University Interscholastic League
VI Visually Impaired
VIP Vertical Improvement Plans (Vertical curriculum team goals and plan)
504 Section 504 (Non-discrimination Law)

(If you know of an acronym which is used frequently which is not on the list, please e-mail the acronym to the district’s Webmaster and the glossary will be updated in a timely manner.)