Budget Information

Budget planning for the upcoming fiscal year typically begins early in the spring semester. Multiple Budget Workshops are conducted with the Board of Trustees throughout spring and early summer.

All presentation materials related to the budget process are posted to the website shortly after presentation to the Board. Links for the various fiscal years data and presentations are on the column to the left.

Questions related to the budget process should be directed to:

Kenneth Adix
Chief Financial Officer


Budget Workshop/Planning

2010 and Earlier

Budget Development Worksheet Narrative
Human Resource Services Budget Presentation

Budget Development Worksheet Narrative

2006-2007 Complete Budget– November 17, 2006

Approved 2006-07 Budget – June 27, 2006

Budget & Tax Rate Hearing – June 27, 2006

Budget Workshop Presentation – June 6, 2006

TASB Compensation Study – June 6, 2006

Budget Workshop Presentation – May 11, 2006

Budget Workshop Presentation – April 20, 2006

Budget Workshop Presentation– February 28, 2006