Register to volunteer by completing the volunteer application form. Applicants must use their legal name as it appears on your driver’s license or passport.

To improve student safety, any person wishing to volunteer in RRISD is required to complete a Volunteer Application.

  • Application must be renewed each school year
  • Application should be completed as early as possible
  • Application takes approximately five minutes to complete
  • You must hit SUBMIT (not just ‘save’) for the application to be processed
  • Application takes 72 hours to process
  • Once completed present your photo ID at the campus to be scanned into Raptor
  • Check the status of your application by contacting the front office at your child’s campus
  • You will not be notified unless there is a problem with your application

The Volunteer Application is in addition to the campus Raptor System check-in, which compares all names against sexual offender databases. All campus guests are required to sign in and print either a Visitor or Volunteer badge. Only those who have successfully submitted the Volunteer Application and been approved will be able to print a Volunteer badge.

A social security number is required to complete the online application. If the volunteer does not have a social security number, a paper Volunteer Application is available in English, Spanish, Korean and Mandarin. Please note that a paper application can take up to three weeks to process so we encourage you to complete the online application if possible.

If for any reason you are unable to complete the online application, please contact Community Partnerships at 512-464-5049.

Round Rock ISD has implemented new security processes for all elementary school level lead sponsors who work with students beyond the school day in campus-approved organizations. This process states that individuals who are not working with a District staff member must submit a sponsor guideline form and undergo fingerprinting and background check prior to working with students.

Beyond School Hours Volunteer Process:

  • Potential lead sponsors must submit a sponsor guideline form to the campus principal for approval.
  • If approved, the application will be sent to RRISD Human Resource Services, which will direct the sponsor applicant through the fingerprinting and background check process.

Note: Please be advised that the fingerprinting process may incur a fee, but campus administration may decide to assist with funding at their discretion.

Sponsor guidelines

More Information

For the 2017 – 2018 school year, potential lead sponsors must complete the fingerprinting and background check by January 2018. Sponsors will only need to complete the fingerprinting and background check process once and must submit an annual sponsor guideline form for approval.

Parents or guardians wishing to accompany their child on field trips or volunteer for school events will continue to register through the RRISD volunteer form and Raptor system.

For questions contact Kristina Snow at 512-464-5076 or Lisa Greinert at 512-464-4110.

Supporting, Teaching, And Reaching Students

– Only 30 minutes a week during the school year.
– Free training and certification.
– Coach, share and encourage a child.
– Mentee is matched to your strengths.
– Unlock your own potential.

>> Learn more about the STARS Mentor program

How can I get my Password or User ID?

If you are a Returning User and have forgotten your password, simply click on the provided button and your password will be sent to the email address on file. If you have forgotten your User ID, check your email for a message from early August when all User ID’s were sent in along with a reminder to renew your Volunteer Application. If you no longer have access to the email address on file, or these steps have not worked, please contact 512-464-5049.

How are applicants approved or not approved?

The same matrix used to approve applicants for employment is used to approve volunteer applicants. Round Rock ISD will not attempt to prohibit parents from participating in their own child’s education. For more specific details, please contact 512-464-5048.

Can I visit the campus, or my child, without completing the Volunteer Application?

Yes. This process will not affect parents who simply wish to visit their child during the school day.

Who must complete the Volunteer Application?

If you regularly volunteer and your efforts meet any of the following criteria, please complete the online Volunteer Application as early as possible.

  • You are a Parent or non-Parent volunteer and may be unaccompanied at any time by an RRISD employee. (i.e., Mentors, Watch D.O.G. Dads, classroom, cafeteria, library and field-day volunteers, dance and field trip chaperones, etc.)
  • You are not a parent, grandparent or guardian of a student enrolled on the campus where you will be volunteering.
  • An RRISD Administrator requests that you complete a volunteer application.

Why does this application ask me questions about employment?

This application is managed by Round Rock ISD Human Resources Department and may at times look like an application for employment. Be assured the information we are requesting is only what is necessary to comply with Senate Bill 9 amendments to the Texas Education Code. All personal information will be kept confidential.