How to Resign from RRISD

I am resigning from Round Rock ISD what are the procedures?

How do I resign?
Go to the Submit Resignation Page

When will I receive my final pay check and when will benefits end?
If you are working to the end of your calendar:

  • 10-Month employee’s final check is August; Insurance ends August 31st
  • 11-Month employee’s final check is July; Insurance ends July 31st
  • 12-Month employee’s final check is June; Insurance ends June 30th

If you resign before the end of your employee service calendar, your final check will be the month following your resignation date. (Example: resign April 30, your final check will be May). Insurance benefits will end the last day of the month in which you resign.

Will you have a change of address?
Please complete a change of address on the Employee Access System.

What if I have already sent my resignation letter to payroll?
The payroll office will forward your letter to HRS.