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Round Rock Independent School District (Round Rock ISD) implemented the Round Rock Incentives for Superior Education (RRISE) Program at seven high-need elementary and middle schools after receiving a Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant in October of 2010.  The purpose of the RRISE Program was to improve student achievement by increasing educator effectiveness and to raise the retention level of effective educators at Anderson Mill ES, Berkman ES, Bluebonnet ES, Robertson ES, Voigt ES, CD Fulkes MS, and Hernandez MS.  This was accomplished through standards-based evaluation systems for teachers and campus administrators that referenced multiple measures of educator performance and student achievement. The data gleaned through these systems determined the incentive payments awarded to educators who improved student achievement and their own professional practice.  More importantly, this data informed the needs assessments that were created at the classroom, grade, departmental, school, and programmatic levels.  These assessments drove professional development, which had the goal of raising the effectiveness level of each educator.

The RRISE Program offered professional development that was highly targeted towards each participant based upon formative observations by the Observers for Professional Growth, discussions with the Master Teachers and Principal Coach, observations drawn from the Appraisal by Collaboration Action Research Project, and results from student standardized testing.  In-district, out-of-district, and on-line resources were the primary means by which professional development was provided.  However, the chief method of delivery was through the Master Teachers and Principal Coach, who provided highly individualized professional development through coaching.  Each of the seven campuses had two Master Teachers who worked closely with teachers based upon feedback from resources listed above.  The RRISE Principal Coach worked in a similar fashion with RRISE campus administrators.