Bilingual Education

The Round Rock ISD Bilingual Program is a full time Dual Language (DL) Immersion/Two-Way bi-literacy program model. The DL program is required to be offered to native Spanish speakers qualifying as Limited English Proficient (LEP) also referred to as English Learners (ELs). All ELs will be offered the DL program. Native English Speakers may enter the program during Kinder and the first day of first grade. Class size must remain within the state guidelines and space availability is limited.

In Round Rock ISD, the DL program begins in kindergarten and continues through fifth grade at the 12 designated campuses. Our district offers the 90:10 Spanish Immersion model. In this model, Prekindergarten and Kinder students are instructed in Spanish for 90% and in English for 10% of their instructional day. All students in the program learn to read and write in Spanish first. Every year the students receive more English and less Spanish until 4th and 5th grade where the instruction is 50% in Spanish and 50% in English.

Bilingual Program Goals

  • Provide the educational environment and instruction that will allow all students to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural
  • Develop fluency in communication and literacy in both English and Spanish
  • Increase academic achievement in all areas
Transfers to Participate in Elementary Dual Language for Native English Speakers (Opt-in)
Parents of students entering kindergarten with English as their first language have the opportunity to participate in the district’s dual language program. In this model, kindergarten students are instructed in Spanish for 90% of their day and in English for the remaining 10% of their instructional time. The goal of this program is for students to become bilingual and biliterate by 5th grade.

Parents who are interested in pursuing enrollment in the dual language program for their child will be required to attend a district and/or campus Parent Orientation meeting in the spring. The district meeting will be held April 11 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Old Hopewell building, 1311 Round Rock Ave., Round Rock. Beginning in July, student candidates will be screened using an oral language proficiency assessment and are required to score “fluent” in English to be eligible for program enrollment. Upon qualification, parents will complete a dual language program application. Students who have met entry requirements will be entered into campus lotteries in late July.

Available class enrollment for opt-in transfer students into these programs are first made available to students zoned to the campus where the program is held. If your school does not have a dual language program and you are interested in participating, please contact Bertha Benedict at 512-464-5958 to be considered for a transfer into a dual language program. She will coordinate with the campus administrator and/or bilingual instructional coach to determine space availability.

Elisa Mojica
Budget Specialist
Bertha Benedict
Coordinator Bilingual/ESL
Maria Green
Director Bilingual/ESL
Maribel Ruvalcaba
Spanish Translator
Michele Pérez
Coordinator ELL Compliance
Odalid Guerra
LPAC Facilitator