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Leadership Round Rock ISD


Leadership Round Rock ISD is a monthly presentation series that gives community members a behind-the-scenes look within Round Rock ISD schools and District administration.

Leadership Round Rock ISD will host eight meetings throughout the year, open to 30 community members representing all five Round Rock ISD feeder patterns. Each session will offer participants an opportunity to interact with Round Rock ISD students and staff, tour a District facility and receive in-depth knowledge on the inner-workings of Round Rock ISD.

Participants cannot be employees of the district or current Board of Trustee members.


To inform and engage members of the community and develop interest in district level committee service. The purpose and design of the program aligns with Goal 3 from the Strategic Plan, which states, “We will implement internal and external communication systems to engage and inform, build trust, and develop partnerships with students, staff, parents and the community.”


Questions regarding Leadership Round Rock ISD may contact Community Partnerships Supervisor Rachael Sefton (512) 464-5093 or Karen Geissinger at (512) 464-5049.

2020-21 Leadership Round Rock ISD

Leadership Round Rock ISD will give approximately 30 Round Rock ISD stakeholders, representing all areas of our 110 square-mile district, the opportunity to take part in an interactive, in-depth monthly learning experience from September through May. Participants will meet nine times during the school year from 8:30  to 11:30 a.m. at various district locations.

As the parent of two recent Round Rock HS graduates, an AVID tutor, and a frequent substitute teacher who has seen the inside of every campus in the District, I was delighted to be able to participate in Leadership RRISD 2016, where community members with diverse backgrounds and interests learned who are the “wizards behind the curtain.”

What I discovered was a team of highly motivated, intelligent, aware, and caring individuals who are all aligned: doing whatever it takes to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our kids!

From students, teachers, and administrators, to the Superintendent and Board Members, we learned that our education system is in excellent, capable hands – people who know how to find and leverage resources to get the job done, and done well, even in the face of challenges and obstacles. Round Rock ISD is the heart and soul of “they don’t care what you teach until they know that you care.” THANK YOU for this opportunity! Bill Funk

I had the pleasure of going through this class. It’s an opportunity to get a comprehensive look at a complex district. If anyone is looking for a way to get involved, this class will help you determine where your talents fit best plus you will get a better understanding of the district. It’s an excellent opportunity that I’m humbled that I was able to be a part of. Leadership RRISD definitely helped prepare me for the position I hold today as Trustee. Edward Hanna

Leadership RRISD was eye opening on so many levels. I appreciate getting to know the staff and the backbone of the district. I have a new appreciation and value the service that is in place to keep our children safe, on the right learning path and to know that my tax dollars are being spent in a positive manner that will enhance the future of the world we live in. I know that my children are being trained by the best of the best and I have seen it from the inside out. Jen Henderson

It was amazing journey and pure pleasure with Rachael leading the 2018 RRISD Leadership Class. Every class was jam packed with District Leaders and staff from other schools with a incredible wealth of knowledge.

This Leadership RRISD Class is hands down the ultimate adventure in Round Rock ISD for any leader who lives in Round Rock and citizen of Round Rock to get a complete understanding of the inter-workings of the best school district on the planet! It made me a better leader at work and as a Boy Scout Leader! And gave me the nudge I needed to be back on PTA at Hopewell Middle School this Fall!

Rachael is like a sister to me now. She was the perfect person to be our tour guide in this amazing adventure in Round Rock ISD.

I have always been a voice for the district, but now I have the extra knowledge to be a BIGGER VOICE for the district; which also helps me on the Citizen Bond Committee. This awesome experience will be with me for a lifetime to come! Randall Goltzman