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Policy/Innovation/Budget Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the policy committee will be to assist the Board in discharging its duty to adopt policies that provide for an efficient and effective operation of the District within the parameters established by law. To this end, the committee chairperson will report regarding the policy committee’s recommendations to the Board at a subsequent Board meeting.

Organization: The chairperson and members of the policy committee will be appointed by the Board President.

Objective: The objective of the policy committee is to review and to make recommendations to the Board for adoption of policies that clearly communicate the framework within which the District may operate.

Duties and Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities of the policy committee will include the following, in addition to other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to the committee from time to time by the Board:

  • Conduct ongoing review of District policies;
  • Ensure policies comply with law;
  • Consider and discuss policy recommendations made at Board meetings;
  • Receive information from staff concerning District regulations and procedures; and
  • Make recommendations for policy adoption at Board meetings.
  • Review data pertinent to the identification of innovative initiatives
  • Review and advise on innovative projects
  • Review and update comprehensive District Technology Plan
  • Review and advise on long-term budgetary and financial issues

Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Meeting Notes and Presentations

Round Rock ISD District’s Board Policy Manual

Committee Members
Chair, Mason Moses
Nikki Gonzales
Cory Vessa
Dr. Danny Presley
Dr. Kenneth Adix
Sandra Carpenter