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flores_with_waterwarrior2Steve Flores, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Georgia Miller
Executive Assistant

Have a world class experience from a Round Rock ISD school or program? Please share your story with the Superintendent of Schools.  Take a few minutes to tell us about your experience.

I would like to share my comments with the Superintendent. I am providing this information so he may take whatever action is necessary.

We ask that all correspondence be courteous and respectful. We will do our best to answer all questions in a timely manner.

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Comment about District Level Service

My concerns require formal action.

Further action needed 

Formal Complaint process

Informal Resolution (required)

The Round Rock ISD Board encourages students and parents to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate staff member or a campus administrator prior to filing a formal complaint.

From the date the complainant knew, or should have known of the concern, there is a 15-day period during which the complainant must inform the appropriate staff member or a campus administrator of the concern, attempt an informal resolution, and/or file a Formal Complaint.

Participation in the informal resolution process is mandatory prior to the filing of a Level I Formal Complaint. All parties must make a good faith effort to informally resolve a complaint.  It is the expectation of the Board that every reasonable effort will be made to resolve a complaint at the informal level.

Informal Resolution process

Step 1: Contact the appropriate staff member.

Step 2: If the issue was not resolved, contact a campus principal.

Step 3: I have completed Steps 1 and 2 and would like to file a Level 1 Complaint. (see below paragraph).

Filing a Level 1 Complaint

Participation in the informal resolution process is mandatory prior to the filing of a Level I complaint.

Step 1: Complaint forms must be filed within 15 days of the date the student or parents first knew, or should have known, of the concern with the lowest level administrator who has the authority to remedy the alleged problem.

The parent or student shall clearly describe in the initial Level I complaint the efforts made towards informal resolution of the complaint. If the principal determines that the parent or student has not made a good faith effort to resolve the complaint informally, the principal, in writing, may reject the complaint, instruct the complainant to seek informal resolution, and set a new date for filing of the complaint.

The appropriate administrator shall hold a conference with the student or parent within ten days after receipt of the written complaint.

The administrator shall have ten days following the conference to provide the student or parent a written response.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call Legal Services at (512) 464-5036

For further information, please review the Round Rock ISD Board Policy FNG: Students Rights and Responsibilities: Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances (Legal) and (Local)

Obtaining and Submitting your Complaint Forms

• Download form: EnglishSpanish

1)  Save to your computer

2) Fill out completely. If you are submitting attachments to your request, please state on your request that attachments are being submitted and will follow by fax or mail.

You may submit the complaint form by using one of the options listed below.

• Campus – Contact the Campus Administrator.

• Administration – Contact Legal Services at 512-464-5036.

You also have several options for submitting your complaint form

• Attach to an email to: Legal Services and/or the Campus Administrator; or

Mail to: Lillie Delgado Administration Building, Attn.: Legal Services, 1311 Round Rock Ave., Round Rock, Texas 78681 or Campus;

Fax to: Legal Services at 512-464-5956; or

Drop off at the Lillie Delgado Administration Building or Campus.