Student Advisory Board

Purpose & Mission

The purpose of the Round Rock ISD Student Advisory Board (SAB) is to provide an avenue of participation and involvement of secondary student leaders in the District. The SAB will offer advice on student concerns to the Superintendent from the perspective of the students in Round Rock ISD. The primary mission will be to promote the Round Rock ISD goals through student input into those areas that impact student performance, safety and security, dropout prevention, and other areas of concern.


The SAB will consist of a total of approximately 28 students from Round Rock ISD secondary campuses. Typically, the membership will be made up of middle school student council presidents,  high school student council presidents, high school senior class presidents, and high school junior class presidents.  Superintendent (or designee) may request to add an additional student(s) to the SAB.  A staff member designee will also be assigned by the Superintendent to serve as the group Sponsor.

Term of Service

All members of the Student Advisory Board will serve for one school year or at the conclusion of their term in office at their campus at the end of the academic school year.

Student Advisory Board Goals

Diversity, Equity, and Justice

  • Promote a school environment respectful to the individual needs of diverse populations including race, gender, special needs, poverty, and political views
  • Address barriers to success for students related to equity and justice
  • Promote a school and District environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all

Academic Competency and Higher Education

  • Create awareness about opportunities for higher education and to communicate a message to middle and high school students to dream big and envision a way to go to college or seek other forms of post-secondary education in order to have highly-skilled careers
  • Support the District’s initiative to prepare all students for higher or post-secondary education

School Safety

  • Create awareness and discussion opportunities for students on campus to provide input on safety concern
  • Support on and off campus school anti-bullying and anti-violence campaigns

Student Wellness

  • Advocate for the social and emotional needs of students across the District
  • Bring awareness to issues of student concern regarding mental health
  • Encourage healthy habits and choices among peers in areas of physical health, emotional health, and mental health

Operating Procedures

  1. The Student Advisory Board will serve in an advisory role to the Superintendent of Schools.
  2. Student Advisory Board members will be provided opportunities to reinforce the idea of the democratic process.
  3. Meeting procedures:
    • The Student Advisory Board will meet at least 6 times a year between October and May.
    • The Student Advisory Board will meet during the times of 11:45 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.
    • The Student Advisory Board will elect a president, vice-president, secretary and community service chairperson.  The president and vice-president must be high school representatives.
    • The Student Advisory Board’s monthly meeting will be held at the Round Rock ISD Lillie Delgado Administration Building.
  4. The Student Advisory Board will participate in community service project(s).
  5. The Student Advisory Board will submit an annual report to the Superintendent listing the concerns that affect a majority of the secondary students or majority of students at their campus.
  6. The Superintendent or designee will coordinate the functioning of the Student Advisory Board.
  7. The Student Advisory Board members will refer all media questions to the Superintendent of designee and will refrain from issuing public statements on behalf of the Student Advisory Board or Round Rock ISD.

2019-2020 Student Advisory Board Members

Officers for SAB

  • President: Brandon Qin
  • Vice President: Alice Zhang
  • Secretary: VACANT
  • Community Service Chair: Hart Black

Middle School Representatives

  • Canyon Vista MS:   Maya Granoff (Student Council President)
  • CD Fulkes MS:   Kyamora Smith (Student Council President)
  • Cedar Valley MS:   Rohan Satija (Student Council President)
  • Chisholm Trail MS:   Oliver Pomerantz (Student Council President)
  • Deerpark MS:    Maley Wilson (Student Council President)
  • Grisham MS:   Kate Ren (Student Council President)
  • Hernandez MS:   Max Tablizo (National Junior Honor Society President)
  • Hopewell MS:    Caden Burnett  (Student Council Secretary)
  • Pearson Ranch MS:    Sharva Paralkar  (Student Council President)
  • Ridgeview MS:    Alexander Smith  (Student Council President)
  • Walsh MS:    Rachel Dieterich  (Student Council President)

High School Representatives

  • Early College HS:    Christopher Malone  (Student Leader – Freshman)
  • Success HS:    Sebastian Fontanez (Student Leader – Junior)
  • Cedar Ridge HS:   Eliza Jipp (Student Council President),
    Dante Motley (Senior Class President),
    Cecile Nguyen (Junior Class President)
  • McNeil HS:    Kathryn Pua (Student Council President),
    Thomas Moore (Senior Class President), Ali Grossman (Junior Class President)
  • Round Rock HS:   Andrew Hubbard (Student Council President),
    Ruben Estrada (Senior Class President),
    Brenda Tu (Junior Class President)
  • Stony Point HS:    Moryah Kline (Student Council President),
    Marina Flores (Senior Class President),
    Adelyn Hall (Junior Class President)
  • Westwood HS:    Alice Zhang (Student Council President),
    Brandon Qin (Senior Class President),
    Hart Black (Junior Class President)