Nancy Guerrero
I have had the honor of serving as an educator for 23 years as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and now your area superintendent of the Cedar Ridge Learning Community. In this new role, I am committed to cultivating an educational environment focused on academic excellence and social emotional support and development for all children, while building partnerships with home and community. As a former principal of C.D. Fulkes Middle School, the Cedar Ridge Learning Community has been a key part of my family for many years. I consider myself an  advocate of all children: my own, my neighbors and every child I encounter on life’s journey. Promoting educational opportunity and social development for all is my purpose, my call to stewardship. I am honored to continue my service journey as your area superintendent. The greatest reward is witnessing the growth of students and the growth of fellow educators making a real difference for our youth as we prepare them for each new step in their education and the transition to college and career.

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Nancy Guerrero
Dr. Nancy Guerrero
Area Superintendent of the Cedar Ridge Learning Community
Executive Assistant: Stacy Rawlins
512-464-5092 (p) 512-464-5408 (f)

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