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Caldwell Heights: Teacher of the Year Courtney Boyles

Caldwell Heights Elementary School special education teacher Courtney Boyles first discovered her passion for special education as a Westwood High School senior where she participated in the Partners in P.E. program. Since then, Boyles has worked with special needs students as an at-home behavioral therapist for disabled students and earned a degree to help more…


Cactus Ranch: Teacher of the Year Joshua Cuevas

The foundation of a good student begins in elementary school, which is the driving reason why Cactus Ranch Elementary School fourth grade teacher Joshua Cuevas became an educator. Cuevas has been selected as the 2016 Teacher of the Year at his school and has been teaching more than seven years, a year and a half…


Brushy Creek: Teacher of the Year Jennifer Rubin

Brushy Creek Elementary School third grade teacher Jennifer Rubin is striving to change the lives of students by allowing them to take charge of their learning in the Next Generation Digital Classroom. Rubin has been selected as 2016 Teacher of the Year for her school and has been a teacher for 20 year, 15 of…


Bluebonnet: Teacher of the Year Sherri Ogen

Bluebonnet Elementary School interventionist Sherri Ogen can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be an educator, but the moment she felt the inspiration to help students is something she’ll never forget. Ogden has been chosen as the 2016 Teacher of the Year at Bluebonnet Elementary School and has been an educator for 18…

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