Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Round Rock ISD is dedicated to the well-being of students and promotes a community that cares about each of its members. If you are experiencing pressures to use drugs seek out a trusted parent, advisor, counselor or send an anonymous alert.

Our message to students: Parents, the community and law enforcement are not overacting. Drug use is debilitating and life altering. Don’t start, there is no such thing as a casual drug user.

Anonymous Alerts allows students or parents to anonymously submit any sensitive or urgent student issues quickly to school officials.

Students or parents can submit reports such as bullying, cyberbullying, depression, dating violence, drug or alcohol use, threats against the school, weapons on campus and more. All messages submitted remain completely anonymous.

Know More About the Dangers of Substance Abuse


Underage Drinking

Prescription Drugs

Put your prescriptions and vitamins up and away and out of sight. Get tip sheets and poison control information.

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