Graduate Profile

A student who graduates from Round Rock ISD will be able to demonstrate the following characteristics:

Seeks Knowledge and Understanding

  • Initiates own learning
  • Has a foundation in core academic areas
  • Knows of and appreciates the arts and humanities
  • Uses effective learning techniques to acquire and apply knowledge
  • Applies numerical reasoning strategies to problems
  • Understands world issues and current events
  • Takes intellectual risks in learning
  • Exhibits enthusiasm for learning in life

Thinks Critically and Solves Problems

  • Defines problems, hypothesizes, and becomes actively involved in creative problem solving
  • Organizes and processes information productively
  • Generates new ideas
  • Analyzes and adapts to changing environments
  • Makes decisions based on facts

Listens and Communicates Effectively

  • Exchanges ideas and information in writing, verbally, and visually
  • Communicates effectively in a second language

Uses Technology as a Tool

  • Selects appropriate tools and procedures to accomplish tasks and create products
  • Uses technology to access, analyze, organize, and process information
  • Consistently applies technical reasoning skills

Interacts Effectively with Others

  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with others
  • Works successfully in teams
  • Leads by communicating ideas and motivating others
  • Works collaboratively with persons of different beliefs, interests and backgrounds to build consensus
  • Plans and acts as a systems thinker
  • Knows and appreciates cultural and linguistic diversity

Exhibits Strong Personal Qualities

  • Demonstrates initiative and perseverance
  • Identifies personal goals
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her own actions
  • Maintains wellness and balance in life
  • Recognizes and responds to societal needs
  • Values and participates in the democratic process
  • Has an interest in issues of social justice and equity