Risk Management & Compliance

Round Rock ISD Risk Management and Compliance strives to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all students and staff so that the focus can be on student learning.
Worker’s Compensation
All work-related injuries must be reported to your supervisor immediately and reported using the information listed below by following steps one through four. All injuries must be reported, even if not seeking medical attention.

Workers’ Compensation will cover all medical expenses and may provide temporary income benefits. Employees may use available paid leave for doctor visits and to cover extended absences due to their work-related injury. For questions please call (512) 464-5035.

Round Rock ISD provides Workers’ Compensation benefits through the Texas Association of School Boards Risk Management Fund (TASB).

Step One:
Complete the online First Report of Injury.

This form must be completed by the campus Workers’ Compensation contact. Please complete all the required fields, print a copy for the employee, and submit the form online.

Step Two:
Download the Workers’ Compensation Kit.

Please print the forms and have the injured employee complete and sign each form. Submit the signed forms via fax to (512) 464-5465 or interoffice mail to the Risk Management Coordinator.

Step Three:
Choose a medical provider from the list of approved alliance providers.

Injured employee must establish with an approved alliance provider in order for the claim to be paid.

Step Four:
The campus/department Worker’s Compensation contact must complete the accident
investigation form and submit it to the Risk Management Coordinator via fax or  interoffice mail.

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What are Temporary Income Benefits (TIBS)?  English | Spanish
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For more information visit Texas Department of Insurance

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program
The Round Rock ISD AED program, or PAD program, was created in order to improve the chance of survival from sudden cardiac arrest. Currently, there are over 115 AED’s distributed throughout the District, and are located on all campuses and in major district business centers. The District’s PAD program is maintained through combined efforts of the district nurses and the Risk Management & Compliance staff.

In the event that one of the District’s AED’s is deployed and used; first call and let someone know in Risk Management that the device has been deployed, and please fill out the AED incident form and return it to the Risk Management and Compliance office as soon as possible.

Please complete the release form that must be signed in order for the district to release the AED data logs to the treating doctor.

If you have any questions regarding the program or the AED’s used throughout the district, please feel free to contact us.

Round Rock ISD Driver’s/Auto Insurance

In order for any district employee to drive a Round Rock ISD vehicle or a vehicle for Round Rock ISD business, a current Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) must be on file with the district. MVR’s will be run on employees at least annually. The current Motor Vehicle Report form. Fill out the form and send it with a copy of the driver’s current Texas driver’s license to the Director of Risk Management. (Link to MVR request form)

If a Round Rock ISD employee is driving a district-owned vehicle and has an accident please follow these procedures, fill out the auto accident form, and submit it along with photos of both vehicles to the Director of Risk Management as soon as possible.

District’s auto liability insurance card

Student Accident Insurance
Round Rock ISD makes available optional low-cost student accident insurance programs designed to assist parents in meeting medical expenses. A parent who desires coverage for his or her child will be responsible for paying the insurance premium and submitting any claims directly with the insurance carrier. Information on the available options can be found below, or during the online enrollment process, parents have the option each year to purchase the voluntary student accident insurance.

Insurance Options English

Insurance Brochure English

Insurance Options Spanish

Insurance Brochure Spanish

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Round Rock ISD’s Environmental and Regulatory Compliance area of Risk Management and Compliance, in conjunction with the additional Operations Departments strive to fulfill our responsibility to the students and staff of Round Rock ISD by working collaboratively to provide healthy and safe learning environments in our campuses and facilities.

Areas that Environmental Regulatory Compliance Oversees:

AHERA-Asbestos Management Plan
An accredited management planner has developed an asbestos management plan for each campus and facility throughout the district. A copy of the District’s complete management plan is part of the Risk Management and Compliance department’s permanent records and is available for review during normal business hours. Copies of each campuses management plan are available at each campus administration office.

If you have any questions about the plan or this federally mandated program, please contact Linda Talbert, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Supervisor at (512) 464-5952

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Round Rock ISD is committed to maintaining a healthy indoor environment conducive to learning, teaching, and working. The IAQ program is an environmental service that is provided by trained, certified, and experienced staff in the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance area of the Risk Management and Compliance, working collaboratively with the District’s Maintenance, Custodial Services, and Energy Management Departments. We encourage the practice of clean, clutter-free classrooms and work areas to help reduce allergens and potential health issues of our students and staff.

If you have any indoor air quality concerns, please contact your campus administration office.

Water Quality Ponds—Storm Water Runoff
The Environmental and Regulatory Compliance group is responsible for managing the maintaining for over eighty-five water quality ponds as the district sits amidst the vast spread of the Edwards Aquifer contributing and recharge zone and the regulations that the EPA, TCEQ, and the City of Austin regulates.

If you would like to report a concern, please contact the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance supervisor, Linda Talbert at (512) 464-5952.

Hazard Communication Program (HAZCOM)
The Texas Hazard Communication Act requires all public employers in Texas to have a written HAZCOM plan, and to provide their employees with information regarding hazardous chemicals to which employees may be exposed in their workplace. The program is managed by the Environmental and Regulatory Compliance group. District safety data sheets (SDS) can be added by selected administrators and accessed by all using our “SafeSchools” Online Database and entering the respective campus location or department location.

If you have any questions or need assistance locating a SDS, please contact Albert Nassi, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Specialist at (512) 464-5459.

Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal
The Environmental and Regulatory Compliance group is responsible for the disposal of all hazardous waste that could pose a direct threat to the environment if not disposed of correctly. There are two planned chemical disposals performed every year, and more if a priority due to unknown circumstances arises.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Albert Nassi, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Specialist at (512) 464-5459.

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Albert Nassi
Environmental Specialist
George Scherer, CSRM
Director of Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance
Linda Talbert, CTSBS
Environmental Supervisor
Traci Zimmerhanzel
Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Records Specialist
Verenice Martinez
Risk Management Coordinator