Include All

The “Include All” area of Round Rock ISD’s Leadership Values focuses on committing to equity, valuing relationships, and championing the needs of students and the community.

We “Include All’ by:

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Commit to Equity
  • Intentionally monitors inclusiveness and utilizes equity and diversity as an asset.
  • Ensures appropriate learning and support for all students, especially those with the greatest need.
  • Models empathy and seeks to resolve conflicts through mediation that maintains the dignity of all involved.
  • Models expectation to demonstrate respect, care, and personal regard for all.
Value Relationships
  • Engages in two-way communication; genuinely listens to others and considers ideas with an open mind.
  • Actively establishes and maintains relationships; demonstrates care for all through frequent, positive interactions.
  • Exhibits empathy, self-awareness, and tact, including when handling stressful situations.
  • Recognizes the accomplishments of others and displays belief in others.
Champion Needs of Students and Community
  • Values parental engagement in the school community; establishes opportunities for parents to engage with the organization.
  • Effectively communicates the vision and needs of the school to broad audiences and advocates for resources appropriately
  • Establishes trust and confidence with stakeholders.
  • Prioritizes and focuses on what the organization has the power to change.
  • Exhibits a service mindset and responds to requests and situations in a timely manner.

As we look across roles in the district, role-specific behaviors provide guidance for how staff can exemplify the Leadership Values in their role and the role they aspire to reach.

Role-specific behaviors for Include All:  

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