Inspire Action

The “Inspire Action” area of Round Rock ISD’s Leadership Values focuses on creating a vision, driving continuous improvement and fostering connectivity.

We “Inspire Action’ by:

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Cast a Vision
  • Engages others in decision-making when appropriate and promotes shared ownership of vision for success.
  • Collaboratively develops a shared and focused vision for success that aligns to campus and/or District vision.
  • Consistently communicates an aspirational vision for success.
Drive Continuous Improvement
  • Monitors progress and analyzes data to adjust strategies to accomplish vision.
  • Aligns resources and actions to priorities.
  • Establishes high expectations for short/long term goals aligned to vision.
  • Appropriately delegates tasks and decisions and establishes accountability to drive work forward.
Foster Creativity
  • Supports individuals and teams to collaborate and leverages teams to achieve results greater than sum of individual contributions.
  • Uses understanding of interdependence of systems to foster connectivity between individuals and teams.
  • Contributes to a culture of mutual accountability.
  • Communicates effectively with multiple, diverse audiences; develops systems to support open, honest communication.

As we look across roles in the district, role-specific behaviors provide guidance for how staff can exemplify the Leadership Values in their role and the role they aspire to reach.

Role-specific behaviors for Inspire Action:  

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