Invest in Growth

The “Invest in Growth” area of Round Rock ISD’s Leadership Values focuses on modeling personal growth, growing others and cultivating creativity.

We “Invest in Growth” by:

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Model Personal Growth
  • Anticipates challenges and changes and plans to respond; models resilience, patience, and growth mindset.
  • Exhibits and models self-awareness and professional composure in the areas of responsibility, integrity, respect, and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrates responsibility for continuous learning, self-reflection, and actively seeks and applies feedback from others.
  • Expects positive results from students and staff and demonstrates optimism in ability to achieve a goal.
Grow Others
  • Believes everyone can learn and grow; identifies potential talents in others; when appropriate, provides stretch opportunities and engages in career-planning conversations.
  • Continually exposes staff to cutting-edge ideas and provides multiple types of professional learning.
  • Supports growth through timely, specific, and constructive feedback; willing to have critical conversations.
  • Supports and shares in the growth of others through coaching, development, and recognition.
Cultivate Creativity
  • Takes positive, systematic risks to challenge the status quo and plans with the future of careers and education in mind.
  • Inspires creativity by encouraging the incorporation of new ideas and strategies and considers ways to support innovation.

As we look across roles in the district, role-specific behaviors provide guidance for how staff can exemplify the Leadership Values in their role and the role they aspire to reach.

Role-specific behaviors for Invest in Growth:

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