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Students may be exempted from three (3) semester exams for classes in which they have a semester average of 85 or above and have no more than two absences that semester from that class, and are present on the exam days when attendance is taken. Students in EOC tested courses (Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History) will be required to take the mid-semester exams in the fall; however they will not be required to take a spring semester final in the EOC tested subjects. The second semester courses exempted shall not be the same courses exempted the first semester. For exemption purposes only, three tardies count as an absence no matter where they occur across the schedule. Seniors and juniors may have up to four absences when two of those absences are the excused absences allowed for visiting colleges and universities. Only two days for college visits are allowed per year (see College Visits).