Student Transfers

Round Rock ISD Guidelines for Student Transfers (click to expand section)

Our team in Round Rock ISD is confident that all of our schools provide a quality education that is well-rounded and meets the unique needs of our District students. We also recognize that in certain situations parents may be seeking choices for their child beyond the school in their attendance zone.

Parents of a child enrolled in Round Rock ISD may apply for a transfer from the student’s current zoned campus to another campus by submitting an online application or sending a hard copy application to our Student Transfer Office within the designated application window. Schools will open to transfers on a staff and space availability basis. Space and availability will be evaluated by the District in each grade level and/or program and transfers will be based on this evaluation. Parents should be aware that the transfer request will not be approved if additional staff or classrooms are needed to accommodate the transfer student.

Each approved student transfer in grades K through 8 is for one academic year and parents must complete the application process annually. In grades 9 through 12, student transfers will automatically be reviewed annually (without an application) and approved for students meeting attendance, behavior and academic standards and needing to remain on the transfer for the original reason. Those not meeting these requirements will be notified that they have been denied for continuation on a transfer.

Each academic year a list of “open” campuses is published on our Round Rock ISD Student Transfers website. Student transfers to schools listed as open will be approved on a space available basis and if expectations for student behavior, attendance and academics have been met. Should a grade level or program be near capacity, the student transfer may be denied. A “closed” school may still accept transfers of an employee’s child, a continuing transfer student, or a sibling of a continuing transfer student if it does not cause the grade level or program to meet capacity. Student transfers to any campus for any reason will only be approved if the additional student would not result in additional staffing or facility needs at the receiving campus.

Student Transfer Timeline

The district transfer window is now closed except for employee children.
Parents must have a Home Access Center (HAC) account to request a transfer for the 2020-2021 school year.

>> Submit a Student Transfer Request

Find out more information on how to set up a Round Rock ISD Home Access Center Account.

For more information contact:  or call 512-464-5954

Notification of approval/denial will be made by the middle of May.

  • Only one application will be accepted per student during March of a school year
  • Transfers outside of the window will not be accepted for the upcoming school year. Exceptions to this include:
    • new Round Rock ISD employee,
    • safety concerns,
    • moving in/out attendance zone
  • High school students who are a continuing transfer will not be required to apply every year (see below for student responsibilities)

March 2: Application Window Opens for Student Transfers
April 3: Application Window Closes for Student Transfers
Mid May: Parent Notification of Approval/Denial of Student Transfer (e-mail notices)

Adhering to this timeline is critical so Round Rock ISD may allocate personnel appropriately.

Student Transfer Reasons

Allowable student transfers with priority given in the following order:

  1. High school academies not offered on student’s zoned campus
  2. Complete 5th, 8th or 12th grade at the school student has been attending
  3. District employee child
  4. Specific program desired (i.e. Arts Integration, Dual Language, International Baccalaureate)
  5. Continuing transfer
  6. Sibling of a continuing transfer (only for elementary, if space is available)
  7. Daycare situation

Kindergarten students must enroll at their home campus. Student transfer requests for kindergartners must also be submitted during the March window. Kindergarten registration opens annually in the month of March.  Notification of approval/denial for kindergarten transfers will not be until August. High school students who transferred for a certain program of study may continue through graduation without having to apply every year if the student continues in the program of study for which he/she transferred. High school counselors will review the student’s grades, attendance and discipline each year to determine if the student is eligible to continue on the campus.

Notification of Transfer Approvals/Denials to Parent/Guardian

Notification of the approvals/denial of student transfers will be made by an Area Superintendent or their designee by the last week of April. Notification will be by email if we have the correct email address. 

Notification of approval/denial for kindergarten transfers will not be until August.

Any student approved for a transfer needs to review local and State UIL requirements to determine eligibility status.

Boundary Change Transfer Information

Caraway (Riata) to Jollyville – Current 3rd and 4th grade students can request to stay at Caraway. Campus is closed to all other transfers. 

Elsa England (Highland Horizon) to Great Oaks – Current 3rd and 4th grade students can request to stay at Elsa England. Campus is closed to all other transfers. 

Herrington (Vizcaya) to Teravista – Current 3rd and 4th grade students can request to stay at Herrington. Campus is closed to all other transfers.

Chisholm Trail MS/Joe Lee Johnson to Deerpark Middle SchoolChisholm Trail 6th and 7th grade students may request to stay at Chisholm Trail – campus is closed to all other transfers.  

Stony Point High School (Berkman) to Cedar Ridge High School Current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students may request to stay at SPHS. This is an open campus based on program/academy requests.

Teravista – Current 3rd and 4th grade students can request to stay at Teravista.


A parent may appeal the initial decision if the request for a student transfer is denied. If the transfer is denied a second time, the parent may appeal further by sending the transfer appeal form to the Chief of Schools and Innovation. The decision regarding the student transfer made by the Chief of Schools and Innovation is final and may not be appealed.

Student Responsibilities

All students on a transfer will be required to:

  • Pass all classes each semester
  • Have no more than three (3) discipline referrals within one year; no DAEP placements; no DAEP/JAEP placements
  • Maintain good attendance; No more than 10 absences/tardies (combined) within one year

High school students who transferred for a certain program of study may continue through graduation without having to apply every year if the student does all of the above and continues in the program of study for which he/she transferred. High school counselors will review the above information each year to determine if the student is eligible to continue on the campus.

Reasons for Denying or Revoking a Transfer
  1. Not meeting the Student Responsibilities listed above.
  2. The information provided on the application form is erroneous.
  3. The requested campus is closed.
  4. A continuing transfer may be denied due to the growth of a campus.
  5. Transfers may be denied if there are documented patterns of truancy, late arrivals, leaving early, and/or late pick ups requiring the supervision of the child by school staff.
  6. The parent/guardian is no longer an employee of Round Rock ISD.
  7. The educational needs of the student can be met at the student’s zoned campus.
Out of District Transfers

Employee: A nonresident full-time Round Rock ISD employee may request that his or her child be admitted into a Round Rock ISD school by completing an online application. These applications will be reviewed annually. The District reserves the right to place nonresident children in an open campus and/or refuse admittance if a school or the District reaches capacity. The District is not responsible for transportation of transfer students, except as provided by statute or policy.

Senior Only: A senior who has completed his or her junior year as a resident of the District and who has met the attendance, behavior, and academic expectations shall be permitted to enroll and to complete his or her senior year in the District.

Transfers to Participate in Elementary Dual Language for Native English Speakers (Opt-in)

Parents of students entering kindergarten who are English proficient learners (EPL) have the opportunity to participate in the district’s dual language immersion (DLI) program. RRISD implements a DLI 90:10 model. In this model, 90% of instruction at program onset is delivered in Spanish with the remaining 10% delivered in English. This ratio gradually shifts with more instructional time allocated to English. By 4th and 5th grade the language allocation reaches 50:50. The goals of the program are for students to develop high levels of language proficiency and literacy in both languages and attain high levels of academic achievement.

Parents who are interested in pursuing enrollment in the DLI program for their child will be required to attend a district and/or campus parent information meeting in the spring. The date for the district meeting will be posted on the website. Beginning in July, student candidates will be screened using an English oral language proficiency assessment to be eligible for program enrollment. Upon qualification, parents will complete a dual language program application. Students who meet entry requirements may enter into the campus lotteries in late July.

Available class enrollment for EPLs are first made available to students zoned to the campus where the program is held. If your school does not have a DLI program and you are interested in participating, please contact Bertha Benedict at 512-464-5958 to be considered for a transfer into a DLI program at another campus. She will coordinate with the campus administrator and/or bilingual instruction coach to determine space availability.

Campuses Open to NEW Student Transfers – 2020-2021

>> Submit a Student Transfer Request

Elementary Schools

Berkman AIA*
Blackland Prairie
Canyon Creek
Chandler Oaks
Deep Wood
Double File Trail
Forest Creek
Forest North
Fern Bluff
Live Oak
Old Town
Pond Springs
Union Hill
Voigt AIA*
Wells Branch AIA*

*Arts Integration Academy

Middle Schools

C.D. Fulkes
Grisham – IB
Hernandez – IB

High Schools

All high school student transfers are based on space availability within specific programs of study.

All campuses not listed above are considered closed to new student transfers.